By Sarita Dube

Diwali is around the corner.All parents want to keep their children safe and secure during Diwali.

We all wish to celebrate the festival of lights with fun and safety. Prime concern for parents is prevention of burn.

Fire cracker, candles, decorative lights, electrical decorative lights and other uncontrolled fire are major causes of burn and even deaths during Diwali.

Following are 10 precautions to celebrate burn free Diwali:-

1- Always burst crackers in buddy system

When one person is playing with crackers other person should act as buddy and keep an watch for his safety.

It will minimise the chances of accidents and unsafe behaviour.

2. Use good quality Firecrackers

You must buy good quality Firecrackers. Buy fire crackers of reputed brands.

It is seen that before diwali many low quality and cheap firecrackers appear in market.

These are unreliable and may contain harmful chemicals.Sometimes , these low quality ‘anar’ blast instead of displaying spark shower.

Always buy crackers from a vendor who has been licensed to sell crackers by government agencies. buy crackers from licensed shops that are regulated by government agencies.

Recently,CSIR has developed and released less polluting and safe crackers.These are available in market.You must use these crackers.

3- Ensure safety of crackers during storage

All firecrakers contain highly inflammable materials.These should be stored in isolated and safe place.

Ensure that no children can reach the storage room without adult supervision.
Avoid any close placement of fire causing items as a tiny spark can cause fire .

4- Keep fire extinguisher in close proximity

Accidents can happen despite taking adequate precautionary measure but you can minimize the impact by ensuring that you have proper preparation.
Always keep a bucket of water and a bucket of sand

Always keep a bucket of water and a bucket of sand near the spot of burning of crackers.

You can throw misfired crackers in water bucket so that these are not re-used by others.
While burning crackers, also, keep, portable fire extinguisher near by.

Fire extinguishers are not very costly and you must invest on it.

Comcor Global,a disaster management company,sell good quality fire extinguishers at very competitive prices.

5. Never wear inflammable clothing

Clothes made of silk, nylon, polyester and other similar material catch fire easily.Cotton fabric does not catch fire easily.
While celebrating Diwali and burning crackers, wear cotton,denim,khadhi clothes .

While celebrating Diwali and burning crackers, wear cotton,denim,khadhi clothes .
Cotton fabric does not catch fire easily.While celebrating Diwali and burning crackers, wear cotton,denim,khadhi clothes .

Prefer to wear clothes which are nor very loose or neither very tight.Your clothes should not hamper your mobility.

6- Brust crackers in a designated safe area

Always designate a safe area for brusting of crackers.Clear clutter and inflammable objects from this area.Remove vehicles from this site.

Bursting crackers in closed and densely populated areas can be hazardous.

Sparks and fragments from crackers can ignite a fire leading to the loss of life and property.

7-Never burst crackers in crowded areas

To avoid any such mishap, avoid bursting crackers in areas that are densely populated or have electrical equipment nearby.

While bursting rockets, point them towards the sky and position them carefully.

8. Avoid alcohol or intoxication during Diwali

Alcohol and any other intoxication lead to impaired response time. You might not be able to move away from a burning cracker quickly.If you have consumed alcohol, stay away from crackers.

If you have consumed alcohol, stay away from crackers.

9. Keep a first aid kit handy

Prepare a first aid kit.

Emergency Manager has published the details for preparing a first aid kit.

Your first aid kit for Diwali must contain adhesive dressing, antiseptic cream, burn cream, bandage and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Aleo Vera and honey also provide good relief in burn cases.

Learn more about handling of burn.

If someone sustain burn injury, provide first aid and if needed consult a doctor.

Always keep all emergency numbers in your phone and display it at an visible place in your home and office.

10- Make an Emergency Plan

Younger children are more prone to misadventures and doing experiment crackers.

Designate an adult family member as supervisor or safety observer for them.

Plan for alarm system so that in case of any emergency you can alert other members of your family and friends.

“Always prepare an emergency plan and do rehearsal.Involve each member of your family and educate them about it.” says Dr Deepak Pandey,eminent disaster management expert.

Make an escape plan for any fire disaster which goes beyond your control.

Elderly persons, children and females should escape first.

“Identify atleast two escape routes and designate an assembly area.” Dr Deepak further advises.

The assembly area should be a safe place outside your house or office.It should not have effect of current fire emergency.

Any celebration is done for enjoyment and bonding.

Diwali is an excellent festival of lights and enjoyment.Little planning and few precautions will make it memorable and real fun.

Emergency Manager magazine appeals to all our readers to follow the precautions mentioned above and celebrate a safe and happy Diwali.