Nano tech tablet to cure fungal infection

Indian researchers have developed the oral tablet by loading Amphotericin B drug on to gelatin nano-fabric for treatment of fungal infections. Read more »

Wearable Injectors Market to reach US$ 9,038.1 mn by 2026

Factors such as increased expenditure on healthcare, rising awareness, early accessibility of advanced technologies, along with increased healthcare services fuel the growth in North America wearable injectors market. Read more »

India aims eliminate TB by 2025

India aims to eliminate Tuberculosis with financial aid from World Bank by 2025. Read more »

Can Cannabis cure pain,sleep & depression ?

Medical cannabis may cure improvement in pain, sleep, and depression symptoms experienced in fibromyalgia says a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Read more »

Vitamin D deficiency can cause heart failure

Indian scientists has found that vitamin D deficiency alone can lead to heart failure, possibly through insulin resistance. It is assumed that cardiac insulin leads to functional deterioration of... Read more »

How to protect babies from deadly Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a serious disease that can be deadly for babies Read more »

Controlled-release makes Cancer Drugs less Toxic

To overcome problem of toxicity to surrounding healthy tissues researchers have developed a superstructure of cyclodextrin and polyurethane polymer. It acts as a drug depot and releases drug in... Read more »

Artificial intelligence to be used in Ayurveda research

Under the MoU, both organizations shall jointly endeavor to pursue:  R&D covering fundamental research; AYUSH specific diagnostic tools; linking microbiome, gene expression and prakriti; multi-ingredient herbal formulations, including their... Read more »

First generic naloxone nasal spray for treatment of opioid overdose approved by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted final approval of the first generic naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray, commonly known as Narcan, a life-saving medication that can stop or reverse... Read more »

Half of US doctors may use telehealth by 2022

A new survey says that telehealth adoption by physicians is rising as a total of 22 percent of physicians have used telehealth to see patients and over half of... Read more »

Cancer drugs market to reach $176,509 million by 2025

The global oncology/cancer drugs market is highly valued at $97,401 million in 2017, and is estimated to reach at $176,509 million by 2025.High drug prices are a huge burden... Read more »

How to Prevent Stroke Death

Preventing stroke deaths through prevention, diagnosing, and controlling it through lifestyle changes and medicine is critical to reducing strokes. Read more »