What UN aims for Diabetes?

UN has taken steps for Cheaper Diabetes care to enable maximum people to get treatment. Read more »

75% Americans feel lonely

75% Americans feel lonely according to a new survey finds done among American adults. Read more »

Cyclone Bulbul to intensify further on 9th Nov

Cyclone Bulbul to intensify into very severe cyclone further as it is showing intensity slightly till early morning of 9th November. It is very likely to move nearly northwards... Read more »

International Science Literature Festival to start on 5th in Kolkata

Vigyanika – an International Science Literature Festival is being organised at Kolkata on 5th, November,2019.  It will present science communication efforts and concepts through an interesting mix of media including... Read more »

Mumbai & Hyderabad join UNESCO Creative Cities Network list

UNESCO has designated Mumbai as a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the field of FILM and Hyderabad in the field of GASTRONOMY. Culture Minister Shri Prahlad... Read more »

India hosts 2nd Assembly of International Solar Alliance

Delegations from 78 countries participated in 2nd Assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA) which was organised in New Delhi. This includes 29 Ministerial delegations of... Read more »

Which is most innovative state in India ?

NITI Aayog with Institute for Competitiveness as the knowledge partner released the India Innovation Index (III) 2019.  Read more »

10 ways to Prevent Burn During Diwali

10 ways to Prevent burn During Diwali as Diwali is around the corner.All parents want to keep their children safe and secure during Diwali. Read more »

8 solutions to Zero Hunger in World

We produce enough food to feed every one in the world.Ironically about 821 million people are currently "under nourished" as per World Food Programs(WFP). Read more »

California burns again

In the years 2017 and 2018 California experienced the the most deadliest and devastating fire in its history.More than 100 persons died and many thousands of buildings and structures... Read more »

Why FDA issues warning on vaping products in USA ?

several incidents of severe lung injuries, associated health issues and deaths among the users of vaping products have been reported in USA. Read more »

How New England will reduce 80% greenhouse gas emissions ?

New England has committed to achieving at least an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 Read more »