By Jayant Pandey

Death toll in Bihar rises to 58.So far 116 persons have died in Purvanchal.NDRF has deployed 20 teams for search and rescue operations in Patna.

Whole Purvanchal is flood plain and it recieve all rain water from Himalaya right from Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Nepal,Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna,Gandak,Ram Ganga, Ghagra,Son,Punpun, Saryu ,Kosi etc bring water from these nearby areas.

Unprecedented rainfall and flooding in Purvanchal.The flood situation is agrevated by the water flowing down from Nepal and tarai belt of Himalaya.

A view of flood in Patna, Bihar

Flood situation in Patna

Flood situation in Patna has not improved.The  flood water is not able to flow to river Ganga as gates of  connect drains have been closed.Ganga river is flowing above the danger level .If gates of these drains will be opened the water will start flowing from Ganga towards Patna town.

Patna has witnessed 1000% more rain than normal.

Bihar is the most flood prone state

Bihar is the most flood prone state in India.In the North Bihar about 76% of the population live under the constant threat of flood and accompanying harmful effects.

It is estimated that  Bihar has about 16.5% of  the whole flood affected area of India. About  22.1% of the Indian population affected by flood  lives in Bihar.