Southwest Monsoon further advances into India

According to the National Weather Forecasting Centre/RegionalMeteorology Centre, New Delhi of the India Meteorological Department:

♦ Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into some more parts of South Interior Karnataka, some parts of Rayalaseema, most parts of Tamil Nadu, entire Southwest Bay of Bengal, some more parts of West central Bay of Bengal, entire Eastcentral Bay of Bengal and some parts of northwest and some more parts of Northeast Bay of Bengal.

♦ The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) now passes throughKarwar,Shimogha,Tumukuru,Chittoor and Chennai.

♦ Conditions are becoming favourable for further advance of Southwest Monsoon into some more parts of CentralArabian Sea, Goa, Some parts of Konkan, some more parts of Karnataka, Rayalaseema, remaining parts of Tamilnadu,some parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, some more parts of Central and North Bay of Bengal and some parts ofNortheastern starts during next 23days.

♦ Conditions likely to become favorable subsequently for further advance of Southwest monsoon into some more partsof Maharashtra, Some more parts of Karnataka, Some parts of Telangana, some more parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh,remaining parts of Bay of Bengal & northeastern states, Sikkim, some parts of Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal

during subsequent 2 days.

♦ The Western Disturbance as a trough persists as also cyclonic circulation over northwest Rajasthan & neighbourhood, north Punjab, Bihar & adjoining East Uttar Pradesh, northeast Uttar Pradesh &neighbourhood and Central Gujarat.

♦ The cyclonic circulation over eastcentral Bay of Bengal & adjoining north Andaman Sea now lies over eastcentralBay of Bengal and extends upto midtroposphericlevel. Under its influence, a low pressure area likely to form over eastcentral Bay of Bengal during next 48 hours. it is likely to move westnorthwestwards and become more marked duringsubsequent 24 hours.

♦ A cyclonic circulation lies over Southeast Arabian Sea off Kerala Coast at 5.8 km above mean sea level.

♦ The cyclonic circulation over east Vidarbha & neighbourhood extending upto 0.9 km above mean sea level hasbecome less marked.


  • General Weather Forecast for next 5 days (up to 0830 hours IST of 12 June 2020):
No significant change in maximum temperature during next 24 Hours and rise by 2-4°C during next three days over plains of Northwest India.