World must pledge to save Forest
Dr Deepak Pandey


Dr Deepak Pandey

Forests are depository of life.Humans are the newest member of living being in ecosystem of forest.

Till the arrival of humans forests were not threatened as no other species living in forest stores wealth for more than one generation of their species.Other species have no concept of wealth accumulation for imaginary needs.

The concept of wealth creation compelled humans to invent complex system of trading.The complex system of trading brought everything on the selves of traders.

All material, immaterial things - even emotions, imaginations, dreams,etc are being traded for a cost.

As forests are depositaries of life they become first victims of trade.

Initially, humans took resources from forests as per their immediate needs.With development of settlements humans started taking resources from forests for their future needs.

Now humans are taking resources from forests for their greed.

Greed is a feeder for trading instincts of humans.

We are loosing rapidly.

Global warming is a proven reality.Sea level is rising and threatening many low lying countries.

Snow cover on Alps, Himalayas,and poles is reducing rapidly.

Weather is becoming more violent.Disasters are becoming more lethal.

Forests have to cater for all species.We humans are threatening survival of other species in forests.

We are becoming viruses on earth.

The theme for year 2021 International Day is – "Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being” .

It is in line with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, from 2021-2030.

The emphasis on restoration of forest is need of human survival.

During worldwide lockdown caused by COVID 19 presented many pleasant surprises.

Residents of many highly polluted cities saw blue sky during lockdown.

Stars studed sky was a surprise for children living in these cities-pollution pot holes on earth.

Wildlife roamed freely in urban areas.

We breathed fresh air.

We realized that nature can reclaim and reinvigorate the degraded space.

It also clearly indicated that if humans don't disturb the nature it will bounce back.

Although, we we try to restore the forests the recovery will be fast and smooth.

Let us pledge to save forest and save humanity.

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