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Emergency manager is an international level magazine & website covering emergency, disaster management, technology, medical care, information technology training, weather alert, natural disasters man made disaster disaster alert service rescue, search, crisis, government policy, research, school safety, children safety safety audit, international cooperation, sell of disaster management tools, organisational safety, rehabilitation, medical emergency, hospital management medicine, world disaster, national emergency survival technology etc. We also provide consultancy to government organisation,NGOs and other media houses. We also carry out research in the field of disaster management. We have panels of leading experts of disaster managers,scientists,doctors,academicians, journalists,retired senior government officials, diplomats, defence experts,architects and town planners. We also organise exhibitions , workshops, seminars, conferences to provide a platform to experts ,government organisations,citizens and educational institutions and media to exchange and development of ideas and technology. We also organise emergency management training for schools,general public,business organisations etc For any inquiry,please contact us… Email-