24th March,2020- Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in a address to the nation imposed 21 days lockdown for defeating corona virus .This lockdown will be effective from 24th March,2020 midnight.

PM while addressing the citizens of India hinted that it will be like curfew.It will a complete lockdown and no movement from homes will be allowed at all.

PM Narendra Modi shared this poster while addressing the Nation to announce 21 days lockdown of India.24th March,2020

This decision must have been influenced by recent finding of an ICMR study in which it predicted that if a strict quarantine is enforced and RO of 1.5 is achieved than number of COVID 19 cases will reduced by 62% in India.

This study indicates that strict isolation and stoppage of movement will enable India to control the infection and spread of corona virus.

PM Modi also mentioned that it will be a difficult time and each Indian has to show the resolve and determination to save India and defeat the novel corona virus.

He said that many developed nations like USA, Italy, etc are badly affected.The situation in India may become worst , if strict measures are not taken.

He also announced that the Central government will release Rs 15,000 crore-package to strengthen the health infrastructure of the country.

PM Modi asked Indians to pray for people who are working to sanitise the society, roads,public places for complete eradication of the corona virus.

He also paised doctors and healthcare workers.

He also praised media personnel. He said that you must thank the media persons who are working 24 hours.They are staying on roads .They are risking their lives.They are going to hospitals, to give you correct information.

He also praised police personnel who are on their duty, day and night – without thinking about their own family, to protect you and your family.

He said that hese police personnel also face the anger of some people sometimes.

It must be noted that ITBP established the first quarantine center in Chawla camp, New Delhi to accommodate Indians evacuated from China and other nations.CISF is involved in screening and managing incoming indians from abroad.

Local police in states are working very hard to trace suspected cases of CKVID 19.

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