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11 women awarded in Bihar
With a motto 'Healthy Women Healthy Society'11 women achievers of Bihar were awarded and honoured by Chief Guest Ms Ruchi Singh,IFS,DFO, Patna in a function onganised by DRI Hospital . Women are harbinger of life.Women represent mother nature.Women are central to system of c Read_More >
India to transport LPG through river routes to protect environment
Transportation of LPG and other fuels are a major burden on already over utilized road infrastructure in India.It is also a major cause of environment pollution due to movement of heavy vehicles.A memorandum of Understanding is signed between IWAI and MOL (Asia Oceania) Pte. Ltd Read_More >
Will climate change triple thunderstorms in Alaska ?
Global warming is altering the weather pattern of earth.More sensitive eco system like Himalaya, Arctic, Antarctic , Siberia and Alaska are witnessing devastating impacts.Warming temperatures will potentially alter the climate in Alaska so profoundly later this century that the n Read_More >
Is paddy cultivation causing global warming?
A soil scientist from RUDN University studied the decomposition of organic matter in rice paddies--the sources of CO2 and methane emissions. Both gases add to the greenhouse effect and affect climate warming in subtropical regions. The emissions increase when the roots of plants Read_More >
Is polluting plastic blowing in wind ?
Plastic pollution is a major problem today.Microplastics can be found in animals, food,water and other day to day materials.Our oceans are increasingly becoming depositories of all sorts of plastics.As the plastic in our oceans breaks up into smaller and smaller bits without brea Read_More >
Fertility rate declines in India says NFH Survey 5
The World's second largest population is a debatable subject in India.Some consider it an asset while others consider it root of all problems in India.World opinion talks about control of population growth in India.Good news of declining fertility rate has arrived with recently r Read_More >
What are top stressors for youths ?
Mental Health of youth is a major source of stress for parents during coronavirus pandemic.What are top stressors for youths globally.A new survey shows two-thirds of American parent respondents speak with their children about mental health at least once a month.The coronavirus p Read_More >
Can supernovas explain elements and isotopes on earth?
Supernovas are considered creative labs of universe.Michigan State University (MSU) researchers have discovered that one of the most important reactions in the universe can get a huge and unexpected boost inside exploding stars known as supernovae.This finding also challenges ide Read_More >
Is your disinfectant for Covid19 unsafe?
Corona virus has compelled us to use extra amount of surface disinfectants .The fear of corona has made us ignore hazards associated with excessive use of these disinfectant chemicals.The research team found that mopping a floor with a commercially available hydrogen peroxide-bas Read_More >
Can plants transfer memory to next generation?
Why some plants don't survive even after proper care ? Some other survive in adverse conditions.Why some plants of a species remain short while other grow long? Emergency Manager magazine present an interesting discovery done at University of Warwick on this issue.Plants have the Read_More >