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Chandrayan 3 lands India on Moon
India arrived at moon. The Chandrayan 3 of India landed on moon . The landing took place at 5:34am PT (6:04pm IST) on Wednesday over a month after the spacecraft’s launch, has made India the fourth nation globally to make a soft landing on the moon, after the former Soviet Union, Read_More >
How plants can produce iron pills for humans?
Iron deficiency causes many health issues, the most common among them being anemia. Scientists are trying to use plants to produce sufficient amount of iron so that uptake of iron in our diet can be increased to therapeutic levels.In other words, they are trying to enable plants Read_More >
Coexistence of AI, Humanoid Robots, and Humans: The Future of Society
Artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning, deep learning, robots and smart drones are changing the way we humans think, behave and work. This change is very fast and unavoidable. Some humans may visualise it as necessary evil. You like it or not it is going to change everythi Read_More >
How Snake venom can treat neurodegenerative disorders ?
Indian scientific research has revealed that Snake venom can effectively treat neurodegenerative disordersincluding Parkinson's disease.   The proposed neuroprotection mechanism of custom peptides against PT-induced neurotoxicity in PC-12 cellsSnakes have been seen Read_More >
What Americans Can Learn From SVB's Failure ?
Disasters, be it financial or natural , badly destroy the victims. Failure of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) was a big financial disaster which destroyed many in America.It has global impact and financial markets in other countries also collapsed. An individual or a family's financial Read_More >
How Genetic Recombination Made Omicron virus more infectious ?
Viruses like SARS-CoV-2 keep changing their genetic makeup to escape human immune response. One of the ways they can change rapidly is 'Genetic Recombination', which happens in a person co-infected with two different SARS-CoV-2 strains simultaneously.Researchers from the Departme Read_More >
How brain recognizes faces?
Have you ever faced difficulty in recognising people.?Do we feel that a complete stranger looks familiar? Do you wonder how our brain recognizes faces? Emergency Manager magazine has brought answers to all your queries.The ability to recognize familiar faces is fundamental to soc Read_More >
How cells die?
Have you ever thought that how our cells die? How they know that their death is near? Why the cells die? Can we control the death of cells. If we find the answers ,we will be able to treat a variety of conditions in humans, including cancer and neurological injuries.An Indian sci Read_More >
Can Vaccination & previous infection protect against gamma variant of Corona Virus?
A new variant of Coronavirus named Gamma variant has emerged in many countries.In early January 2021, travelers returning to Tokyo, Japan, from Amazonas, Brazil, were screened for COVID-19 at the airport. A few days later, the National Institute of Infectious Disease of Japan ann Read_More >
How COVID 19 virus causes multiorgan inflammation in Children?
COVID 19 virus has started attacking children.It is causing some different symptoms and complications than those manifested in adults.Besides common symptoms such as fever, cough and respiratory distress, some children have an atypical form of COVID-19 known as multisystem inflam Read_More >