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What India did for water & rivers in 2020 ?
Water is base of life.Water and water bodies play very important role in socio-economic,cultural,health and environmental welbeing of India.As the year 2020 ends ,Emergency Manager is publishing a review of all major water related actions done by India.A. NATIONAL MISSION FO Read_More >
Fertility rate declines in India says NFH Survey 5
The World's second largest population is a debatable subject in India.Some consider it an asset while others consider it root of all problems in India.World opinion talks about control of population growth in India.Good news of declining fertility rate has arrived with recently r Read_More >
What are top stressors for youths ?
Mental Health of youth is a major source of stress for parents during coronavirus pandemic.What are top stressors for youths globally.A new survey shows two-thirds of American parent respondents speak with their children about mental health at least once a month.The coronavirus p Read_More >
Can India become leader in Renewable energy?
India with second largest population will also consume huge amount of energy.India is taking leadership in the field of renewable energy. It is running the largest energy access expansion plan in world."We have connected every household, connected whole country into one integrate Read_More >
How to care for pets in corona pandemic?
Covid 19 has created stress for per owners and pets both.Some of our readers may be totally new to pet parenthood.Are you worried about your pet during corona virus threat ?Do new pet owners need help in corona pandemic? There are various questions regarding pet ownership which E Read_More >
Will Thanksgiving Traditions lead to COVID19 Cases Surge ?
How consumers are going to behave during Thanksgiving? Will consumer behaviour lead to cases surge of Covid 19?Will US consumer do online marketing or go out for physical shopping in stores?These are questions being asked by consumers, governments and business organizations.Emer Read_More >
India discovers metal rich stars in Omega Centauri cluster
On occasion of Independence Day of India a big news of discovery of high metal rich stars in Omega Centauri cluster of our Milky Way.Globular clusters are the stellar systems with millions of stars formed from the same gaseous cloud. Hence, usually, the stars formed will be Read_More >
How many Americans will take COVID 19 vaccine?
How many Americans will take COVID 19 vaccine? is a big question being asked by government and pharmaceutical companies.As the race to find a vaccine for the coronavirus continues, and news out of Russia hints at a possible COVID-19 vaccination win.A survey was conducte Read_More >
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Covid 19 expands in India
In India, a total of 1,24,430 people has been cured of COVID-19. 5,137 patients were cured in the last 24 hours. This takes the total recovery rate to 48.49%. The total number of active cases is now 1,24,981. Ms Preeti Sudan, Union Health Secretary held a review meeti Read_More >
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What will be economic behaviour after COVID 19 pandemic?
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) has projected that global economy will shrink by about 0.9% .COVID-19 pandemic has vastly impacted global manufacturing,service industry ,supply chains and international trade.It is going to change the way we do business. W Read_More >